Acceptable Use Policy &
Disclaimer Of Liability:

I CERTIFY I am at least 18 years of age and legally able to enter into this agreement with Pyramid.Net.

I UNDERSTAND Pyramid.Net reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at it's discretion.

I AGREE to promptly notify by US Mail, phone or email the Pyramid.Net administration of any changes in my phone number (voice) or address so that I may be contacted about my account. 

I AGREE to provide applicable numbers, access codes and a current email address in order to allow Pyramid.Net access to my connection equipment for the entire time of my subscription. 

I UNDERSTAND that, as a customer, I am entirely responsible for all aspects of my access, including but not limited to, making sure that my access is toll-free from my location. 

I AGREE to promptly pay any legitimate bills mailed to my address or emailed to my user name and to promptly notify the Pyramid.Net administration if I don’t agree with any portion of my bill.

I UNDERSTAND Pyramid.Net bills monthly in advance for all services and is due upon receipt. Accounts are in default if payment is not received by the 15th of the month. If the bank returns my payment to Pyramid.Net, I am immediately subject to default and to a $25.00 returned check charge. Accounts in default may have their service interrupted. Such interruption does not relieve me of the obligation to pay the charge and I may be subject to interest charges up to 1.5% per month. If I further default, I agree to pay Pyramid.Net its reasonable expenses, including any attorney and collection fees incurred in enforcing its rights under these terms and conditions.

I UNDERSTAND if my account is 60 days due I may be liable for a $10.00 collection fee. If my account is suspended for non-payment I may be liable for a $25.00 reconnection fee, my overdue amount and two additional months of payment that will be applied to my account as future payments.

I AGREE with the policy that there may be a $10.00 reconnection fee should I disconnect and reconnect my Pyramid.Net service within 60 days. 

I UNDERSTAND dial-up service may be canceled in writing with no notice. Any other service with Pyramid.Net must be canceled or suspended in writing with 30 days notice.

I UNDERSTAND that due to the nature of DSL services there are no discounts available for pre-paying on an annual basis. And that annual discounts for other services with Pyramid.Net are available solely at their discretion.

I UNDERSTAND that refunds on discounted annual service will be figured on the months remaining minus the gratis months (this does not include any free service granted up front).

I UNDERSTAND and AGREE that the web hosting fee schedule is based upon the premise that my domain is a fairly low to moderate traffic site. Pyramid.Net reserves the right to upgrade your service fees if the traffic volume reaches a level where it impacts adversely any of our services.

I UNDERSTAND that I am responsible for all domain name fees for domains registered to me through the various registrars and that Pyramid.Net’s handling fee is $50.00 per incident if Pyramid.Net is forced to intervene on my behalf. The $50.00 fee is above and beyond any fees charged to Pyramid.Net or paid for by Pyramid.Net on my behalf.

I AGREE to pay for any customer service above and beyond Pyramid.Net’s regular setup/support policy. Currently Pyramid.Net offers free setup for new accounts based on the client having a computer and modem in good working condition that meets or exceeds our minimum standards and all software for the operating system available at the time of installation. Additional customer service required due to customer-installed software, configuration changes to Internet components and operating system, computer crashes and so forth are billable at Pyramid.Net’s discretion. Service rates are $60.00 per hour - 1/2 hour minimum and work will be conducted during normal business hours, Monday - Friday. 

I UNDERSTAND that Pyramid.Net at times provides hardware/equipment to connect me to the Internet via Pyramid.Net services. Such equipment is the property of Pyramid.Net. After a one year period I assume all responsibility for repair or replacement of said equipment. If I need to terminate my service with Pyramid.Net,  I will return all provided equipment to Pyramid.Net. This includes but may not be limited to DSL modems, ISDN routers, Wireless radios etc. unless otherwise agreed to in writing.

I UNDERSTAND Pyramid.Net may need to access my web pages, account information, emails, etc. in the normal course of maintenance or trouble-shooting, or for legal or security reasons.

I AGREE to allow Pyramid.Net to edit any page on my web site hosted with Pyramid.Net or temporarily shut down my web site if it causes errors on the system equipment, for system security issues or for legal reasons, including violations of this policy.

I AGREE that I will not post on any web site that is hosted with Pyramid.Net - personal or domain - any content that is pornographic, illegal, copyrighted, pirated, etc. I also understand posting of software cracks, access codes or any information that can be used to facilitate any of the above activities is not allowed on any Pyramid.Net hosted site.

I AGREE to take sole responsibility for any e-mail, newsgroup posting, or Web content (including files) I/we write/ provide, and to hold Pyramid.Net harmless in the event what I/we write, attach, link, or include is deemed to be illegal in any jurisdiction.

I UNDERSTAND I am responsible at all times for all materials received through my Pyramid.Net account and to release Pyramid.Net and it's employees from liability for any materials I deem inappropriate or harmful to my system.

I UNDERSTAND that email is not a secure means of communication and will not hold Pyramid.Net liable for the content of personal messages. This includes content I deem inappropriate or offensive, harm done to my system by a trojan or any other form of virus and or spyware, any breach of information sent by me or to me, lost or delayed email, etc.

I UNDERSTAND email accounts not accessed for a period of 90 days may be removed from the system. I also understand Pyramid.Net is a transportation agent and not a storage facility in regards to email and that any email stored on the Pyramid.Net system older then 30 days is subject to removal.

I UNDERSTAND that any spamming or mass emailing using Pyramid.Net’s server(s), my connection through Pyramid.Net, my email address or web site with Pyramid.Net or any other means that associates Pyramid.Net even in the slightest way - whether the target of the mass mailing/SPAM/UCE is Pyramid.Net's customer base or otherwise - is strictly forbidden and proof of violation of this policy is grounds for immediate termination of my account. In addition I agree to pay a one time charge of $500.00 US for any time the Pyramid.Net staff must dedicate to resolving the problems and issues caused by my violation of this clause.

I UNDERSTAND that the global emails generated by the Pyramid.Net staff and targeted at it's own customer base for the purposes of notification, information or system status are not classified as UCE/SPAM and do not violate this policy.

I UNDERSTAND that any equipment used to keep an unattended account active will subject the account to
immediate suspension. I understand that this means in essence; if I am not paying for an "always on/connected" service I will not use any hardware or software means to constantly keep my connection to Pyramid.Net active when I am not physically present at my computer and using my Pyramid.Net connection.

I UNDERSTAND that NAT or proxies are not allowed on any of Pyramid.Net’s connections without the express written consent of a Pyramid.Net staff member. I understand that this means in essence; if I am not paying for a multi-system account I will use a single computer while accessing Pyramid.Net. This does not preclude me from using different computers at different times. But it does preclude me from using more then one computer simultaneously through a single Pyramid.Net account unless expressly consented to by Pyramid.Net.

    The services provided by Pyramid.Net are provided without warranties of any kind. There are no guarantees that the use of these services will result in any benefits, whatsoever, to anyone. In no event will Pyramid.Net or its employees be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages, including the inability to use these services, even if Pyramid.Net has been advised of the possibilities of such damages or for any claims by any other party.
    Pyramid Net hosts 3rd party created web pages but takes no responsibility for the content herein. If the content is reported to Pyramid.Net administration to be illegal in any way, the account will be shut down, however, neither Pyramid.Net nor its employees can be held responsible.
    Pyramid.Net is connected to the Internet worldwide computer network and provides access to the Internet for its members. Virtually any type of information and material imaginable is available somewhere on the Internet, including some materials that may be considered objectionable by some. Pyramid.Net acts strictly as a pathway to the Internet and has no way of, and does not engage in the business of controlling, access to any part or subset of the Internet. Therefore, in no event will Pyramid.Net or its employees be liable to anyone or any entity as a result of any pornography, commercial or copyrighted software or any other material that may have been retrieved from the Internet by way of the facilities of Pyramid.Net.
    Any person or entity who accesses the Internet through Pyramid.Net does hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless Pyramid.Net and its employees from and against any liability to anyone or any entity that may arise due to such access of the Internet through this information service.

Pyramid.Net has and always will keep all customer information confidential except under duress of law or court order. The following statement is taken directly from the Nevada Revised Statute:

A provider of Internet service shall keep confidential: 
(a)     All information concerning a subscriber, other than the electronic mail address of the subscriber, unless the subscriber gives permission, in writing or by electronic mail, to the provider of Internet service to disclose the information. 
(b)     The electronic mail address of a subscriber, if the subscriber requests, in writing or by electronic mail, to have the electronic mail address of the subscriber kept confidential. Upon receiving such a request from a subscriber, a provider of Internet service shall keep confidential the electronic mail address of the subscriber, unless the subscriber give permission, in writing or by electronic mail, to the provider of Internet service to disclose the electronic mail address of the subscriber.

I UNDERSTAND Pyramid.Net reserves the right to change rates and otherwise modify these policies, terms and conditions by notifying you 60 days in advance of the effective date of the change.

I UNDERSTAND these policies, terms and conditions supersede all previous representation, understanding or agreements and shall notwithstanding any variance or any order submitted.

I UNDERSTAND use of any Pyramid.Net service constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.

I AGREE to sign and return to Pyramid.Net any update/revised versions of this agreement that are mailed to me at the address contained in the Pyramid.Net user records; if I do not agree with or wish to sign updated versions of this agreement, I understand that the Pyramid.Net administration shall have the right to terminate my access. 

I CERTIFY that I have read, understand and agree to abide by Pyramid.Net's (this document) ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY / DISCLAIMER AND LIMITATION OF LIABILITY. 

NOTE TO PARENT OR GUARDIAN: if you have any concerns at all about your son, daughter or ward having access to the Internet through Pyramid.Net, please feel free to call the Pyramid.Net business office during business hours at (775) 884-3202 to discuss your concerns.